Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nora's birth

I never really understood why pregnant women who go past their due date got so impatient until it was me. When I was pregnant with Myla, I went into labor right on my due date and she was born the next day. Piece of cake. No waiting, no anxiety, no problem. Well let me tell you, waiting sucks. We thought we planned it out perfectly. John had 8 days off to use for when the baby came. We scheduled those days right around my due date, thinking the baby would come right on time and then we would be able to have a whole week before John had to go back to work. We have never been so wrong. All of John's days off were spent waiting and waiting and going crazy from all of the waiting. Never have I really experienced anxiety but I felt like I was going crazy from not knowing when it was going to happen. Not being in control of my own body couldn't have been more frustrating.

One week past my due date and I was sitting in the doctor's office hooked up to the fetal monitor. I wanted to see how much longer we could wait before getting induced. Baby was doing great and the doctor saw no problem in waiting longer. I went home feeling happy that there was no hurry but frustrated because I was only dilated to a 3 and I had been at a 2.5 for the last 3 weeks. John was back at work after all of his time off and I was just ready to get Myla down for a nap so I could take one myself.

That morning I had been feeling some contractions but they just felt like the usual Braxton Hicks contractions. It wasn't until I laid down for my nap that I realized they were actual contractions. I could tell because they were accompanied with the awful lower back pain I experienced when I was in labor with Myla. Luckily at this point they were weak enough that I was still able to get some rest. After my nap I called John and told him that things were happening and that this was it. Although I knew it would probably still be a long time before my body kicked into active labor, John came home from work and we spent the rest of the day "nesting."

I have seriously been waiting all of my pregnancy for my nesting instincts to kick in. I was so exhausted all the time and the last thing I wanted to do was clean. If I would have known that it would kick in the day of, then I would have spent less time worrying about a messy house and more time resting. Seriously though. Nesting is real. With John's help I was able to scrub all of our floors, vacuum all of the carpet, catch up on laundry, and get the kitchen looking spotless.

We did get a chance to go out to Applebee's to eat. It was like our last meal together as a family of 3. The waiter asked us if we were out for anything special. I told him that I was actually in early labor so we're just getting something to eat before the baby comes. I think it kind of freaked him out haha. He was so surprised that we were sitting so casually just enjoying our time while I was having contractions. It was the perfect way to pass some time and just relax together.

Contractions weren't really getting closer together or stronger. I wasn't surprised. I was in early labor with Myla for the longest time. I was fine with not being in pain but also worried about things progressing too slowly. I didn't want to be in labor for 20 hours like the first time. I stayed busy and on my feet for the rest of the day. By the end of the day I was looking forward to getting in bed and resting. Because of how irregular my contractions still were I was anticipating being able to sleep some before going into active labor. We decided to get all of our last minute things gathered up and load everything into the car in case we needed to leave suddenly in the middle of the night. We called my niece who was going to stay with Myla and let her know that things were happening but progressing really slowly. We told her to have her volume turned up all the way in case we needed her to come over in the middle of the night but I was pretty confident that we wouldn't be heading to the hospital until morning time.

It wasn't until midnight that we headed upstairs to go to sleep. We just finished getting all of our last minute things rounded up. 10 minutes after crawling into bed I felt my first intense contraction. After it finished I woke up John and told him I might need his help during the next one. Maybe we wouldn't be able to make it through the night after all. It took about 9 minutes for it to come. He helped me into a more comfortable position on my hands and knees while he put pressure on my lower back. We laid back down and waited for the next one. 10 minutes later we did the same thing. My contractions were super irregular. They would go from 10 minutes apart to 3 minutes, to 5, to 2, to 7. It was pointless to track them. The only sign that was telling me when it was time to go to the hospital was how painful they were getting.

This lasted for just an hour before we decided it was time to go to the hospital. We called my niece and she was over within 10 minutes. As I was giving her a few last minute instructions for Myla I had to stop talking so I could breathe through a contraction. I knew we were getting really close. I decided I'd better eat some cereal before we leave to give me some last minute energy. I could only eat a few bites before wanting to throw it up. Nausea. Could I be in transition already? When I was in transition with Myla it was 15+ hours into labor and I was at an 8. Was I already there? I guess there was one way to find out. I dumped my cereal down the sink and John helped me into the car.

Thankfully we are just blocks away from the hospital so it was a short drive. As we were walking up to triage I remember having to stop for a few contractions. This was a good sign! John asked me how far along he thought I was. I was hoping I was at least at a 6. It was a little before 2am when the nurse checked me and I was dilated to an 8. I was so happy I cried! Things were progressing so quickly. It seemed like things took forever in triage. There were so many questions and I couldn't answer any of them while I was having a contraction. Luckily at this point they were still 4-5 minutes apart that I had enough of a break between each one. They were getting so strong but I was completely fine in between. It was nice to hear that the nurse thought I was handling the pain like a champ. That was exactly the encouragement I needed. She did give me a bag of IV fluids and it's exactly what I needed. I was still feeling nauseous and light headed from being in transition and that all went away.

I was so excited to get into our labor and delivery room. It made all of it seem more real. John was so great. He plugged in the oil diffuser my mom lent us and suddenly the room was filled with doTerra's blend of citrus bliss. Although during each contraction I was gripping onto the squat bar with all of my strength, I was so calm and relaxed in between. Thank goodness for those breaks. I know that at this point most women are experiencing contractions one on top of the other and I honestly don't know if I could handle that.

Our doctor was really great. He was straight out of residency and it was actually his first week on the new job. I met him for the first time at my appointment earlier that day and was a little nervous that he was the doctor on call but we both really liked him. He came in and talked with us about how we wanted things to go. He even took some time to talk me through a few contractions. We hadn't been in there for very long before I had him check me to see how things were progressing. I was so close to a 10 but my water hadn't ruptured yet. At first the idea of the doctor rupturing my water scared me because I know contractions are so much more painful after that. Then the doctor told me he was confident I would be ready to push soon after. I was easily convinced, and he was right.

When the next contraction came, John helped me get into position to squeeze the life out of that squat bar and then it came. The undeniable urge to push. Once the contraction passed I told them that I was going to have to push during the next contraction. I was starting to get a little anxious because I had a difficult time getting the hang of the pushing thing when I was in labor with Myla. The anxiety went away when I started to feel every bit of my body want to push. It was a really awkward and out of control push. That was frustrating. Then John told me that she has lots of hair. What?? I couldn't believe that she was right there already! I suddenly had a clearer head and I was ready to get this baby out.

The nurse gave me some tips on how to make the next push more successful. When I felt the contraction come, the nurse and doctor coached me as I slowly eased into pushing. I kept on pushing. They had me give little tap pushes because I must have started pushing too hard. It was hard to hold back but I was somehow able to stay in control of my body. I could feel her head coming out as they told me to hold back and just push softly. The doctor told me that her arm was stuck by her shoulder so I needed to be gentle. As I eased up, he helped her tiny arm come out as it should and I felt her little body squirm out. Instant relief. That truly is the greatest feeling ever.

Her body was so warm against my skin. I just wanted to hold her and lay there. They pushed a bag of pitocin so I wouldn't hemorrhage like I did after Myla was born. I was in shock. Is that all it took? One crappy push, one good push and then she's out? Everything went so smoothly. As the doctor stitched me up, John and I fell in love with our sweet baby girl. Her bruised and swollen face made us giggle. Poor girl went through a lot on her way out. Her eyes even had some popped blood vessels. Although she was a little misshaped, she was ours and it felt so good to hold her in my arms.

After getting my small tear stitched up, the doctor gave some good pushes on my tummy and out came the placenta. Another wave of relief. The nurse helped our baby girl latch on then she went to town for the next hour! After that the nurse got her cleaned up, weighed, and measured. She handed the freshly swaddled baby to John and I showered. I was amazed that I was standing up on my own. I kept on passing out after Myla was born so this was so great. I think I must have been in the shower for 30 minutes or so. It was amazing. Getting wheeled off to recovery and settling into my bed was just as great. But the best feeling yet has been coming home and seeing Myla give her new baby sister kiss after kiss.

Everything went so smoothly. This was my ideal birthing experience. I'm so grateful that John and I were able to have this special experience together. John was so supportive of me and was so good at helping me relax and stay focused during every contraction. He was by my side the whole time and was such a good encourager. We know that Heavenly Father was watching out for our little family and are so grateful for that. We feel his hand in our lives every day as we try to raise up these two princesses of ours.

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gender reveal

Today we went to the doctor to find out some very exciting news! Our twenty week ultrasound went great. Baby is wiggly, healthy, and is in the 48th percentile which is a perfect average. I have only gained 3 pounds but as long as the baby is growing, I am not complaining. We even got to see a 3-D peak at our baby's tiny face. Little fetus was not interested in moving his/her arm out of the way, but we were able to see a cute little button nose. 

When we went in for Myla's 20 week ultrasound, we were getting ready to move to Oklahoma so we had a big farewell/gender reveal party. It was so fun opening up a big box to find a bunch of pink balloons. We knew we wanted to do something to make this second one just as special. We had the ultrasound tech put a pair of either girl jammies or boy jammies (depending on the gender), into a cute little gift bag. John, Myla, and I opened up our little surprise while we were out to lunch. I am not going to lie, I was very surprised! My instinct was wrong but I am still so excited. We decided to celebrate with some delicious cotton candy!
Pink cotton candy?... That's right, another baby girl will be joining our family in July!
Myla was convinced that the fluffy cotton candy was a pillow so of course she gave it a good snuggle.

No matter how much we tried, Myla was not at all interested in putting that weird texture into her mouth. I guess as her mother I shouldn't be concerned that my daughter doesn't want to eat pure sugar.

This is one of Myla's new faces and I think it is the funniest thing to see! So glad we got a picture of it.
Can you tell Myla's excited? Haha thanks for showing interest in our growing family and checking out my little blog. 

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fireworks and babies

This little lady had an awesome 4th of July! She tasted her first watermelon and fell in love. Man that stuff is juicy! Good thing she was wearing red. 
We relaxed in the shade...
kissed our friends...
practiced sitting up...
and wrestled over toys. This is their relationship... I didn't realize I only took pics of Myla and her friend Hendrix until I was getting them off of the camera. Oh well, who wants to see grown ups when there are two cute babies to look at?

Before the big firework show we watched a hot dog eating contest, had a picnic by the pond, and fed the ducks! My favorite part was definitely the fireworks though. Myla absolutely loved them! I was a little worried that the loud noises would scare her, but as soon as they started, she couldn't take her eyes off. I don't think she blinked once. She is such an alert and energetic baby. 

Positive thinking: We were lucky enough to have John with us all day yesterday. I think Independence Day should be spent with loved ones and that's exactly what we did. I feel so blessed to have such awesome friends and family. 

Looking forward to: John and I just started the Dave Ramsey total money makeover with the envelope system and I am both nervous and excited to see how it goes. I am making all of my envelopes on monday so I will definitely post pics of them so you can see how cute they turn out.

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Myla month-by-month: 5 months

So I'm like two weeks late on this post but on the 21st of last month, Myla turned 5 months. It's crazy how quickly time is flying. It seems like she has developed a whole new side to her personality since last month and I love it. Here is what she has been up to:
  • Still rolling like a steamroller.
  • She only sleeps on her tummy now.
  • Myla is a growler. Don't know why but she loves to growl.
  • This little one loves to be sung to.
  • Extremely ticklish in so many places: neck, armpits, tummy, and her cute little thighs.
  • Sucks on her tiny thumb.
  • She has a tiny little tooth that cut through (ouch), but she took it like a champ.
  • Had her first baby food meal of avocado mixed with some delicious breastmilk. She loved it.
  • Falls asleep on her own for naps and at night with little to no fuss.
Myla is a petite little girl with a lot of energy and spunk. She smiles at anyone with a face and we couldn't be happier to have her.

Look at those long and skinny feet of hers! They are the cutest! The headband she's wearing can be found in my Etsy shop <here>.

I have been trying to up my photography skills by taking more artistic photographs. In these photos I used a lot of natural light. Whenever I take photos, I turn off the lights, pull up the blinds and start shooting. That sun is seriously one of God's greatest creations. I don't plan to become a photographer but I love the practice. Someday I hope to get an 85mm lens but unfortunately that won't be anytime soon.

Positive thinking: I've been really into vampire diaries lately. I had my reservations (it being about vampires and all), but I really like it! It's more than what I expected it to be. Cleaning is always more exciting while watching Netflix.

Looking forward to: My sister Julie is a presenter for the makeup company Younique. She is doing so good with it too! I have been using their 3D fiber lashes and they are totally different than anything I've ever seen in a mascara. I am doing a tutorial and product review for her and I am so excited to show you this crazy eyelash goodness!

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Grand opening of DailyMade!

As promised, today is the grand opening of my new Etsy shop, DailyMade! That's right, it's officially up and running and I am so excited about it. Thanks for all of the love and support you have all shown me. I am especially grateful for my wonderful husband John for sticking with me during my never ending entrepreneurial endeavors. He is the greatest.

Of course Myla is my little model. However, these headbands come in 4 sizes: newborn, infant, child, and adult. Now you and your little one can match!
Currently we hold four different fabric prints: floral ivory, charcoal scallops, modern stitches, and pink scallops. I love, love, LOVE these prints. I ordered them from Fabric Worm from the Bari J. Ackerman, Emmy Grace collection. All fabrics are jersey knit so they have a good stretch to them. These headbands actually stay on too. I am not sure why but they even stay on Myla's head and she is my little wiggle-worm. 
In honor of the grand opening, I am offering free shipping on all purchases with this coupon code: GRANDOPENING. This coupon will run now clear through Saturday so hurry while you can! As time goes on I will be adding more styles and fabrics. Stay tuned!

Positive thinking: Myla woke up with an eye infection yesterday and I have heard time and time again that a few drops of breastmilk is the best thing you can do. I dropped some in Myla's eye every time she would nurse and when she woke up this morning it was almost all healed. Man that stuff is magical. I am so happy to be able to breastfeed her.

Looking forward to: I know this Etsy stuff is going to be a huge learning process and I am so excited for it. I need something to keep me busy other than Myla, so everybody put in your orders!

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Turner falls adventure

I can't believe it has already been a whole week since my last post! I guess I have been a bit of a slacker this week so I will catch you up. We didn't do much on Father's Day. John worked and came home to a delicious steak dinner provided by yours truly. The steak was delicious. I have been craving it every night since! 

Tuesdays are John's Fridays so we celebrated that night by going to see The Fault in Our Stars. This is more of a celebration for me and John just came along to keep me company. The first time we brought Myla to a movie with us she did so awesome. Slept through the whole thing. Unfortunately this time was much different. Once she started getting fussy, John brought her outside to get her to calm back down and go to sleep. I was totally unaware of this but apparently she cried through the whole thing. I just figured John got her back to sleep and took her out to the car so he could sleep as well. Nope. He was a sweetheart and let me enjoy the whole movie while he took care of a fussy baby. It was SO good! I am a big sucker for those sappy love movies. 

We slept in on Wednesday since Myla was up late and it was so nice. Later that evening we went to a place called Dave and Buster's to celebrate a friend's birthday! It's pretty much like an adult Chuck E. Cheese's with tons of arcade games. Luckily everybody there wanted to hold Myla and never let go so John and I got to enjoy some adult time... Who are we kidding? We were playing pac-man! Everybody loved Myla and she knew it too. She went to sleep like an angel when we got home. While she was sleeping, John and I decided to shave his head. Bold I know. Truth is I have always wondered what John would look like bald so we gave it a try. And yes, I think he is just as handsome as ever! 

The next morning we woke up early to get ready for our first official family camp out! This trip is John's Father's Day/Birthday gift. We drove an hour and a half to Chickasaw National Recreation Area to have some fun.
This is Turner Falls. These slides were pretty awesome. They don't look that intense but that's because you can't see the drop off in the picture! I had to build up some courage before throwing my whole body into that cold water but after watching the little kids do it I figured I had no choice. The water actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It definitely beats jumping off bridges into the bitter cold waters of Rexburg, Idaho!
And here is the big unveiling of John's new hair-do. Or should I say head-do? He looks pretty bad-A if you ask me.
Did I mention it's his birthday TODAY?? He is 25 years young. That's a quarter of a century! He is such a great husband and father. I am lucky to call him mine.
Myla wasn't sure about the cold water.
I just can't get over those little legs of hers.
Just relaxing in her boat. We got this thing for like $5 and I think it's so awesome.
Takin' a selfie in John's hat.
After playing in the water we went for a hike and found this cool cave. For those of you who don't know, I am married to an adventure junkie. John loves all things outdoors and I love that about him. He would rather be hiking, climbing, biking, snowboarding, or surfing than play video games or sit and watch sports. 
This is Myla right before she fell asleep. You can just see the tired taking over in her droopy eyes.
Family selfie!
Yes there actually is beauty in Oklahoma! Who knew? 

When we got all settled into our tent after roasting hotdogs, we weren't sure how we were going to get Myla to sleep. It was boiling in our tent and there were bugs flying around like crazy outside so we took her to the car for a drive until she passed out. Usually she falls asleep after a few minutes but not this time. She was full of screams. After she finally fell asleep we went back to the tent and of course she woke up within a few minutes. John and I looked at each other and I knew exactly what was going through his mind. "How were we going to get through the night?" It didn't take much longer for us to come to the conclusion of ending our adventure sooner than planned. We took down camp and packed everything up in less than 30 minutes and we were out of there. In the end it was probably a good thing we came home because it poured rain the whole drive back.

John and I are learning that everything we do takes 10x the planning, preparation, and patience now than before we had Myla. It's just the truth! We love that little girly to pieces but we both have had to learn to adjust.

Positive thinking: When I woke up yesterday afternoon (12:30pm to be exact), I fixed myself a poptart, went to pour myself a glass of milk, and in the fridge was a beautiful red rose. John is so thoughtful. After a failed campout and a rainy drive home, he woke up thinking of what he could do for me. I am so in love.

Looking forward to: My brother Steven and his wife Melissa have a shop on Etsy selling these adorable vintage step stools and we are teaming up to do a giveaway soon! I am so excited for it. Seriously though, how cute are <these?>

xoxo, Missy Dorius

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Big announcement!

So I have decided to start up a shop on Etsy! Crazy I know. Truth is we are in need of some extra money before we move in the fall. So I kicked into my creative mode and did some brainstorming, and experimenting and came up with a plan. A few posts back I did a headband tutorial and it got a lot of hits so I have decided to make them and sell them. I ordered my fabrics the other day and it just got here yesterday! It is so cute and I can't hardly wait. So I announce to you DailyMade! Although I am starting off making knit headbands, I may venture out and expand if it does well. 

The grand opening of DailyMade will be July 1st. I will start making the headbands in a few days after I get caught up on laundry and organize a space for my projects. Can't wait to share it all with you. 

Positive thinking: I got to talk with Alisa on the phone last night when she got home from her mission for a brief minute. I couldn't help but shed a few tears. I just love her so much.

Looking forward to: Is it too early to be looking forward to Myla's first nap?

xoxo, Missy Dorius